Our Team

Serving Georgia (Atlanta & Savannah)

OAA Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Arthur “Art” Powell

Program Manager

Director of Operations & Engagement

Art has first-hand knowledge of youth gang violence. He became exposed to the criminal elements of the streets at the early age of 13. By age 15, he was involved with neighborhood cliques, later recognized as “gangs.” When Arthur (street name “Art”) was 19, he helped form one of the most notorious gangs in Atlanta. From 1988-1992, Art was involved in numerous crimes on the streets of Atlanta and was a significant contributor to much of the gang violence in Atlanta. In 1993, his criminal activity finally imprisoned him for 11 years and six months. 

Art Powell is currently a Southeast Credible Messenger / Facilitator/ Trainer and is the Program Manager of the Offender Alumni Association and Project Safe Neighborhoods of Georgia. Arthur Powell has created two curriculums “Project R.O.O.T.S (Reentry) and Project E.G.R.E.S.S (at-risk youth and young adults.) Art Powell’s expertise has been sought after by national networks like the History Channel’s “Gangland,” HLN Network “America Behind Bars,” CNN’s “Newsroom, and Destination America’s “Prison Ink” He is also featured in upcoming docu-series, “GANG GANG ATL.”

Shanard Linsey

OAA-CV Supervisor

Director of Operations & Engagement

Shanard Linsey, an Atlanta native, a Grady baby, and an Atlanta Public Schools graduate, is self-described as hard-working, ambitious, resilient, and a go-getter who prides himself in his audacious thinking and willingness to take initiative in every area of life. Shanard has been a member of Common Good Atlanta (CGA), a community that offers higher education for the incarcerated, since 2016. Shanard first learned about the community while serving life and 20 years. Through CGA’s program, he has studied psychology, human behavior, and philosophy at Georgia State University. He spent 310 months (over 25 years) bettering himself to benefit others better and did so throughout his incarceration by mediating conflicts, intervening, and facilitating classes.

Shanard is passionate about entrepreneurship, business development, and investing, championing re-entry work and supporting incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals to establish themselves and have a fair chance at thriving in society. Shanard is passionate about helping folks in the hood, young and old, to think about the consequences of their actions and who they affect.

OAA Savannah

Savannah, Georgia


Director of Operations & Engagement

Julius Campbell is one of the newest members to the Deep team. As a Life Navigator, his lived experience is a welcomed piece to this diverse village. Julius is a passionate servant- leader, motivational speaker, and mentor who brings with him a host of relevant and relational skill sets that will aid in our commitment to encourage, educate, and empower our youth. He is a Minister, Founder Executive Director of OAA Savannah, and a TEDTalk speaker. 

Listen to Julius’ TEDxDecatur Talk, “The People vs Recidivism: Helping Returning Citizens Succeed.”

Out of prison, into the fire, back to prison. It doesn’t have to be that way. Julius Campbell, who spent over a quarter of a century in the Georgia prison system before his recent release, shares invaluable insights into the causes of recidivism and what we the people — as individuals and as communities — can do about it. After 26 years of incarceration, Julius has returned home a better rather than bitter man. His transformation while in the criminal justice system was driven by his earnest desire for rehabilitation and his faith. During his time in prison he pursued higher education, graduating from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry. In addition, he has added a host of necessary skill sets to his tool belt (i.e., mentoring, compassionate coaching, and motivational speaking). Since his release he has continued in his passion of encouraging, educating, and empowering others to finish strong.


Director of Operations & Engagement

The mistakes I made, I do not want to make again. It has pushed me to the path that I am on now and my purpose, helping others, especially women and children. Becoming a mother at the age of 12 gave me what I needed to assist those mothers that are shattered and struggling to be understood, encouraged, and inspired to be as great as they can be, leaving their past behind. I am grateful to be a part of this great organization, one that believes in second chances, giving back and being a part of the solution, while elevating voices of those directly impacted by the criminal justice system.