One former offender helping another former offender.

The Offender Alumni Association’s (OAA’s) mission is to create a network of justice impacted individuals who inspire each other to reduce crime, develop healthy relationships within their community and provide opportunities for economic, social, and civic empowerment.

OAA's Youth Initiative provides mentorship to youth aged 13-17 over a three-year period to instill work ethic and a sense of community pride

Re-Entry Navigation

Reentry Navigation assists formerly incarcerated individuals in their personal journey to successful reintegration.

Violence Intervention Strategies

OAA trains Credible Messengers to become neighborhood leaders and experienced specialists in violence intervention and prevention.

Family & Community Engagement

OAA works to restore and unify families by creating an atmosphere of support to solve existing and emerging problems systematically.


OAA Member Spotlight

Were you previously incarcerated? Do you have a loved one that is or was incarcerated? Are you the child of an incarcerated or previously incarcerated person? 

If you answered yes to one of these questions, we want to hear your story!

QUINCY D.Former Offender
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“I feel like this process has been a journey for me. I am motivated and encouraged to keep pushing despite the difficulty. OAA has been a family, friend, brother, supporter, and seeds planted into my life, future, and most of all, my freedom! I AM REDEEMED.”

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"If you want to support a more just world, start with this local nonprofit made up of formerly incarcerated people who are doing critical reentry work in the South"

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