Our Story

One former offender helping another former offender


"When the system had reduced me from a human being to a commodity, OAA helped me. Because of their understanding of me, I made a healthy, positive, and powerful transition from a so-called beast back to a human being"

Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Drayton Nabers, Jr. and Deborah Daniels co-founded the Offender Alumni Association (OAA) in 2014 with their first support group in Birmingham, AL. This group included 5 former offenders. 

In just two years, OAA became an official 501(c)3 nonprofit, launched support forums in two major Alabama prisons, and implemented its community revitalization initiative.

OAA then added family support forums and hosted a Youth Career Readiness Initiative with 14 at-risk youth in the summer.

In 2018, OAA launched two additional outside support forums, one in Birmingham West End and one in the Atlanta Metro area, and started an inside forum for women at the Birmingham Community Base Facility.

Now, the nonprofit has expanded its reach through its support forums, mentor programs, and community engagement opportunities to help reduce crime throughout the greater Birmingham and Atlanta metro areas. OAA is able to accomplish this thanks to its supportive network of volunteers and community partners who believe in and support OAA!

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Our Vision

Our vision at the Offender Alumni Association is to be the driving force in reducing crime and fostering community restoration. We envision a future where every individual, regardless of their past, has the opportunity to rebuild their lives, contribute to society, and create safer, more vibrant communities.

Our Mission

The Offender Alumni Association’s (OAA’s) mission is to create a network of justice-impacted individuals who inspire each other to reduce crime, develop healthy relationships within their community, and provide economic, social and civic empowerment opportunities.

Our Values

Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of accountability and confidentiality. 

Productivity: We care enough to be consistent.

Restoration: We utilize the Credible Messenger approach to help others heal and gain skills that will assist them to a place of wellness.

Dedicated: We listen intently to learn, and practice unconditional love.

Give Back: We invest time to assist and empower our communities with resources.

Community: We work to reduce future incidents of violence and retaliation while promoting healing.

People Centered: We value and understand that people are the heartbeat of the world and its vast communities. By using a people-centered approach, we show respect for individuality and build trust and rapport.